Ranking in German Law Journal JUVE: BLD is setting Standards

Again, BLD was able to maintain its leading position in the areas insurance law as well as product consultation and product liability as set out in JUVE-Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2016/17 (German publication on commercial law firms).

BLD is said to be setting standards in the area of insurance law and showing a "deep understanding for the field". This is being confirmed by the assignment of large, retainers which are drawing public attention. JUVE is emphasizing that BLD is giving its stamp to the market and possesses excellent know-how and experience in the diverse areas of insurance law. Consequently, in the ranking BLD is the only law firm to be placed in the first category. In the area of product consultation BLD is also among in the top group.

In the field of insurance law the experts most often recommended are: Dr. Theo Langheid, Dr. Rainer Büsken, Dr. Reinhard Dallmayr, Christoph Müller-Frank, Prof. Dr. Dirk-Carsten Günther, Dr. Joachim Grote, Björn Seitz, Bastian Finkel, Dr. Jürgen Veith und Dr. Stefan Spielmann.
For the area of D&O-consultation JUVE names Dr. Theo Langheid, Björn Seitz and Bastian Finkel as the leading personalities.

Due to the thorough understanding of the branch, BLD continues to be recommendable for company-related consultation of insurers in difficult and delicate cases.
Here, BLD numbers among the best law firms with the named and leading experts Dr. Theo Langheid and Dr. Joachim Grote.

JUVE especially stresses the area of product liability. The outstanding expertise is said to be well-known to firms who are looking for (international) consultation and representation in the field of liability. BLD thus is closing up to the two market leaders.
BLD-partners Dr. Rainer Büsken and Dr. Martin Alexander, LL.M. are frequently being recommended. For the field of liability in general, it was positively noted by JUVE that with Dr. Simon Kubiak (professional indemnity insurance), Marcel Hohagen, LL.M. (product liability for international commercial insurers) and Michael Jakobs, LL.M. (defense against liability claims against members of company bodies) BLD has reinforced this area with three further specialists among its partners.