Not all disputes are argued out before ordinary courts. In more and more international business contracts, arbitration clauses are implemented. Often arbitration is preferred to avoid for example the question of bias of a national court. And, arbitration proceedings offer further advantages: As a general rule, arbitration proceedings are not public, they allow for greater flexibility when it comes to the shaping of procedural rules, and they often provide for better enforcement possibilities than German court decisions - particularly in Asia and South America. In national matters, too, arbitration clauses are stipulated in certain industries to have matters resolved by arbitrators with industry expertise.


For years, BLD lawyers have been representing clients in national and international arbitration proceedings or are appointed as arbitrators. Hence, our experts are familiar with the rules and practices of all recognised arbitral institutions. BLD lawyers have particularly been involved in ICC, DIS (German Arbitration Institute) and GAFTA arbitration proceedings covering a wide range of areas in continental Europe, the UK, the USA and Asia. These proceedings concerned cases of product liability and recalls in sectors such as automotive, foodstuffs, building products and plant engineering. Moreover, BLD lawyers regularly provide expert opinions for arbitrational proceedings and are available as experts in liability and insurance law issues.
In cases of a potential dispute we recommend to instruct us at an early stage as this may well increase the chances of success. This enables us, together with our clients, to analyse the state of affairs and possible liability risks or obligations to perform in good time. On this basis we work out promising options for action in order to settle the dispute or, at best, to even avoid it.
In case a dispute arises nonetheless, we provide comprehensive legal advice to our clients. We evaluate legal positions, develop procedural strategies, correspond with all parties involved, record facts of the case for preservation of evidence, initiate proceedings, recommend arbitrators and experts and represent our clients to the full extent in hearings. BLD lawyers are particularly experienced with discovery in Anglo-American proceedings. At all times it is our aim at BLD to obtain the best possible result for our client at an affordable price.

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