General Liability (incl. Public Safety)

There is hardly any other area of life where the social trend to want to sue in case of a damaging event is as pronounced as in the area of general liability (incl. the duty to maintain safety).


To this end, we have set up teams, who specialize in dealing with such cases and who have lots of experience with claims processing. Thanks to the vast number of cases that we have handled, for example after extremely cold winters like in 2010/2011, that brought about numerous injuries caused by people falling or being hit by a roof avalanche, or after hurricanes such as Kyrill, we are able to quickly obtain first judgments that we can then submit as precedences in other court proceedings. Our nationwide presence allows us to react to regional differences in the respective legal practice and to possibly also influence the regional legal practice.
We represent numerous retail chains and are perfectly familiar with the law's requirements on safety measures and the necessary controls at the business premises. We also gladly assist companies or claims departments with the development of control instruments that are required to meet the legal requirements. 
We permanently represent government bodies in official liability cases and are also therefore familiar with changes to the legislation at the regional, federal, and European level. Statutory liability privileges are part of our daily examination routine and they are considered. In case of personal injuries, we rely on the special expertise of our bodily injury center.


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