Legalign Global™ (will open an external link), a close alliance of some of the world’s leading insurance law firms, responds directly and effectively to the need for service consistency and the highest levels of quality and efficiency, wherever matters arise. 

Each of the five Legalign Global member firms has built a significant reputation for delivering high-quality insurance legal services to the insurance industry.


  • BLD Bach Langheid Dallmayr, a German law firm with close associations throughout Europe 
  • DAC Beachcroft, an international law firm with coverage across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain and significant reach in other regions, including Latin America and Asia Pacific
  • Wilson Elser, a law firm with 30 offices in the United States and focused on North America
  • Wotton + Kearney, a law firm operating in the Asia Pacific region with a focus on Australasia
  • Alexander Holburn (will open an external link) is a leading full-service law firm based in Vancouver and Toronto. With a history of excellence in insurance law, Alexander Holburn is also a member of The ARC Group, a network of specialist insurance law firms.

With a shared focus on the insurance industry, unrivalled insurance law and dispute resolution capability in their regions, and remarkably similar cultures and values, these distinguished firms collaborate closely under the Legalign Global™ (will open an external link) banner. Clients no longer need to spend precious time and resources putting together a loose affiliation of law firms, testing quality and then coordinating their activities.

Legalign Global™ (will open an external link) member firms represent multinational insurance and reinsurance companies throughout the world on matters such as regulatory and compliance, coverage and liability issues, and traditional and alternative risk products. In addition, they work directly with insureds transacting business globally to provide timely advice and effective liability defence.   


Client Benefits

Not to be confused with informal or “paper” confederations, our member firms enjoy a proven track-record of working fluidly and efficiently across regions, allowing us to provide clients with a powerful combination of benefits:


  • Genuine Insurance Industry and Market Understanding. Legalign Global™ (will open an external link) member firms possess in-depth knowledge of our clients’ key industry drivers and the market dynamics in which they operate, and we understand the implications for their respective businesses by virtue of our focus on the insurance industry and insurance law.
  • Local Insight/International Reach. Our firms offer their services in multiple key jurisdictions worldwide. Lawyers are − or can easily be − at or in close proximity to where claims originate or are litigated. We are familiar with the substance and subtleties of local authorities, economies, codes, courts and cultures. Able to anticipate changes in global and local markets, we react swiftly, effectively and resourcefully.
  • Quality Control through a Service Model. Regardless of venue, clients can expect uniformly high levels of service. Our member firms place the greatest premium on accessibility, rapport and responsiveness. Each member firm has an outstanding reputation in its respective global region and is held to the same exacting standards. To the extent that matters cross borders, Legalign Global members live by a common Client Service Charter that enables them to coordinate responses amongst themselves and within an agreed set of claims management principles. Clients are free of this responsibility and can deal with one authoritative point of contact who − literally and substantively − speaks their language.
  • Client Centric. Our firms’ structure mirrors that of the insurance industry with emphasis placed on performance and results. Work processes are secure, accurate and streamlined and, whenever possible, standardised and digitised. Member firms share a culture that values transparency, honesty and respect whether working with clients or our colleagues. Perhaps this helps explain why each of these firms counts relationships with so many key clients in decades rather than years. 
  • Cost Efficiencies. Given the heritage of each member firm in the tightly regulated insurance industry, we are accustomed to managing fees to closely monitored and agreed budgets and have honed a culture of uncompromising efficiency. Our firms are relentless in ensuring that our clients receive the right amount of legal resources − no more, no less. As part of our litigation strategy, we strive to maintain an enviable record of success in managing the litigation process to achieve resolution in the shortest time practical for the right legal and commercial outcome.  Collectively, our efficiencies are magnified, especially given the cost and time otherwise required to coordinate the efforts and activities of multiple legal resources.
  • Vast Intellectual Capital. Insurers and their customers are able to draw on any of the more than 2,000 lawyers within the alliance. Member firms freely share information, insights and industry trends across regions and across business lines, bringing to bear the best of our intellectual capital for the benefit of our clients.  When it advances our clients’ objectives, we do not hesitate to create an ensemble of lawyers and other specialists from our member firms.
  • Innovative Claims Solutions. Legalign Global™ (will open an external link) member firms share claims management and alternative pricing models that align with clients’ distinct needs. These arrangements are premised on providing cost-effective, timely and commercially focused results generating creative solutions to both local and global problems and further cementing true partnerships. Drawing on robust, state-of-the-art technologies and implementing “best practice” legal project management methodologies, we also are able to resolve claims more quickly and with results more likely to conform to ambitious client targets.


Legalign Global™ (will open an external link) comprises four well-recognized, insurance-focused firms that are leading brands in their respective regions. Greater than the sum of its parts, it is uniquely positioned to offer clients uniform and unrivaled levels of legal excellence and uncompromising service.

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