Liability insurance

Our liability insurance department serves two purposes: It provides counseling for our clients on a pre-trial and extra-judicial level and provides nationwide legal representation.

In the area of liability and indemnity law, it deals with a large number of national and international complex damages (for example dioxin scandal and EHEC crises; the railway accidents in Eschede and Brühl; international recall cases, for example in the automotive and medical products industry, corruption scandal at Siemens; board of directors' liability at Corealcredit Bank etc.). Domestically, BLD lawyers or our national competency network are attending court hearings. In cases of legal liabilities abroad, we are looking back on a longstanding cooperation with international cooperation partners on the spot.

For the manifold cases concerning personal injuries (damages for pain and suffering, damage to one’s occupation, maintenance payments, housekeeping etc.) we fall back on the special expertise of our personal injury centre.

In respect to insurance coverage, we provide counseling for all liability cases, i.e. for complex national and international damages. We also conduct insurance coverage proceedings on a nationwide level.

Our clients in the areas of liability and insurance coverage include almost all renowned industrial, commercial and private liability insurers. In order to be able to meet the manifold and complex challenges of liability legislation, we have established the following practice groups as "specialization within specialization":


Product Liability

For many years now, we have been concerned with the question of liability in connection with the production and delivery of a wide range of different products, both nationally and internationally. >>

Financial Loss Liability

The challenges that we are facing in the area of financial loss liability insurance are greater than ever. Like hardly any other industry, underwriting and claims must constantly react to a legal reality that is changing due to new risks and services. >>

Medical practitioner’s Liability

One of our most sustainable fields of activity in liability law is the area of hospital and medical practitioner’s liability. We represent care providers in all matters related to liability. >>

Liability in the Construction Industry and Architects Liability

We have great expertise and many years of experience from numerous civil lawsuits connected to liability in the construction industry and architects liability and in arbitration and conciliation proceedings. This also includes proceedings in large-scale construction projects with numerous parties involved. >>

General Liability

There is hardly any other area of life where the social trend to want to sue in case of a damaging event is as pronounced as in the area of general liability for premises. To this end, we have set up teams at our locations, who specialize in dealing with such cases. >>

Environmental Liability

We provide our expertise to, and advise our clients in all matters related to environmental liability, in particular with regard to the Environmental Liability Act and the Environmental Damages Act. >>

Capital Market Liability

At our Special Lines and Life Insurance practice groups, we also take care of the capital market liability segment. Here, we are primarily dealing, on the one hand, with liability in connection with the issue of shares or other investment products (IPO) and, on the other, with the liability of capital product sellers and brokers (banking and insurance products). >>

Management Liability / D&O

Our Special Lines team is especially in charge of managers’ liability. We focus mainly on the defence of claims for damages, for example asserted against members of the board of management, members of supervisory board and managers. >>

Special / Financial Lines

Our Special Lines practice group attends mostly to cases in the area of D&O liability and insurance. But this area also includes other special insurances. >>

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