Liability in the Construction Industry and Architects Liability


We have great expertise and many years of experience from numerous civil lawsuits connected to liability in the construction industry and architects liability and in arbitration and conciliation proceedings. This also includes proceedings in large-scale construction projects with numerous parties involved.


Like the insurers' claims departments, we, too, focus on averting unjustified liability claims against the insured architects, special experts and construction companies.
Thanks to our regular conversations with technical experts, we have distinctive know-how in the area of civil engineering.


We are also becoming ever more active in cases that are not yet being litigated.   We have developed strategies to come up with financial solutions in conversations with the parties involved to avoid costly and time-consuming legal disputes.


When it comes to averting recourse claims due to bodily injury caused during work at construction sites, we can also rely on our expertise that is based on experience in out-of-court and in-court litigation, incl. social law and social court proceedings.


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