Life and Disability Insurance


Our services are subdivided into forensic and consulting work.


Forensics mark, in particular, our work in the disability insurance area. We have been representing numerous companies ever since the in-court disputes started in the early 1980s - even across Germany and in Austria. Our high level of specialization requires a detailed knowledge of the special case law. Our regular exchange with our clients during in-house events ensures that our work remains very practice-oriented.
The life insurance segment is not only confronted with cover disputes - also at the interfaces to the bAV, the insolvency and the foreclosure law -, but is also seeing an influx of disputes over the correct calculation of maturity benefits [(minimum) surrender value, surplus].
This is also true for unit-linked life insurances; here, the ultimate goal is a complete rescission of the contracts. Another major element of our work is to assist in class action lawsuits and other disputes under competition law.


In the consulting area, product development plays an important role. Thanks to our profound knowledge of how life insurance works, we are able to provide product consulting which, taking into account the actuarial aspects, makes allowance for the insurance contract related problems just like our understanding of supervisory and balance sheet-related issues. When it comes to introducing new products (such as variable annuities), we provide advice also with a view to the General Insurance Assoziation and the legislator.


In the areas of data protection, competition law and money laundering we identify irregularities and develop viable solutions. The same applies to the development of novel cooperation models with other market participants and to the legal barriers in the communication with insurance holders and new policy holders. 

Last but not least, consulting in the area of supervisory law plays an important role in our daily work, regardless of product consulting, and completes our consulting offer in this area.



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