Motor Insurance


Our motor insurance experts receive instructions from almost all german motor insurance companies. We use this comprehensive experience in all lawsuits that we are assigned in the following areas:


  • Motor vehicle liability / physical damage
  • Personal injuries
  • Actions in connection with cover issues
  • Recourses
  • Fraud prevention
  • Assistance in special topics (whiplash, rental cars etc.)
  • Claims abroad


During our representation in cases conducted nationwide we guarantee an experienced handling of all liability cases connected to road traffic. Here, we can apply our knowledge of the particularities of regional case law. We are renowned experts for strategy litigation and are mandated on a regular basis to fight dubious claims and enforce recourse claims for our clients.
We are particularly experienced in taking on entire litigation quotas. By continuously optimizing our work structures and processes, we can not only guarantee high-quality and cost-efficient litigation, but we can also take on the entire process management (including controlling).
In the area of physical damage / motor vehicle liability cover, we offer not only qualified representation in connection with general coverage issues, but also a company-wide handling of fraud cases. This is done always in close cooperation with investigators and insurance adjusters.
When it comes to claims abroad in connection with motor vehicle liability, we have a profound knowledge of the international law of civil proceedings and the conflict of laws. We provide consulting services for international insurance companies. 




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Sibille Bucka

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