Again, JUVE-Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2017/18 (German publication on commercial law firms) confirms BLD's market leadership in the areas Insurance Litigation and Product Consulting as well as the excellent market position in the areas Product Liability and Company-Related Consulting of Insurers.

According to the publication BLD as "specialist for industry-specific questions and market-leading contacts in the insurance industry" succeeds in a specialisation right into the smallest niches. Here, JUVE mentions for example the newly established business area of company pension schemes as well as the consultation on insurance topics in the area of new technologies. BLD continued to be on the spot in the market "wherever law firms fight over high sums" as e.g. in major cases of directors' and officers' liability or product liability.

The expansion of activities in the area of product liability turned out increasingly well, as much as the internationalisation of activities in a rising number of cross-border cases. In this context, reference is made to the successful foundation of Legalign Global, an international alliance of law firms with which BLD has positioned itself anew internationally.

According to JUVE, the experts recommended most frequently in the respective areas of law are:

Product Liability
Dr. Rainer Büsken, Dr. Martin Alexander, LL.M. (Product Liability) and Bastian Finkel (above all D&O)

Insurance Litigation and Product Consulting
Dr. Rainer Büsken, Dr. Theo Langheid, Christoph Müller-Frank, Prof. Dr. Dirk-Carsten Günther, Dr. Joachim Grote, Björn Seitz, Bastian Finkel, Dr. Jürgen Veith, Dr. Stefan Spielmann, Dr. Reinhard Dallmayr

Company-Related Consulting of Insurers/Insurance Supervision Law
Dr. Theo Langheid and Dr. Joachim Grote

You will find the JUVE-assessment for BLD in the Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2017/2018 here (Insurance Litigation/Product Consulting), here (Product Liability) and here (Company-Related Consulting).