Getting the Deal Through: Alexander, Hösker and Krane publish on Product Recall

BLD-partners Dr Martin Alexander, LL.M., Carsten Hösker, LL.M., and Joachim Krane have presented the legal situation in Germany with regard to product recalls for the edition „Product Recall 2018“ which is published in the series „Getting the Deal Through“.

On the online-research platform, legal experts from all around the world answer an identical list of questions on the most important aspects concerning the regulation of product recalls within a global environment. The result is a worldwide expertise for 21 countries with comparable information on this area of law.
The contribution on the legal situation in Germany, written by the BLD-partners, depicts the general obligations for placing products on the market as well as reporting and recall requirements for defective products. The article also highlights the authorities' powers and obligations. Moreover, the implications of the German regulations for legal proceedings are presented.
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Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Getting the Deal Through: Product Recall 2018, (published in October 2017; contributing editors: Jason Harmon, Alison Newstead and Devin Ross, Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP) For further information please visit gettingthedealthrough.com