Alexander and Hösker publish in "The Professional Negligence Law Review"

BLD-partners Dr. Martin Alexander, LL.M. and Carsten Hösker, LL.M. introduce readers to the legal situation of professional negligence claims in Germany. The article starts with an overview on the basic legal framework and focuses more specifically on certain aspects of liability law, the various statutes of limitation and prescription as well as the means of dispute resolution. The authors then describe the specific liability provisions and case law for individual professional groups (lawyers, doctors, banking professionals, tax advisers and accountants, architects and engineers as well as insurance professionals).

Eventually, they review notable developments in 2017. New legislation for example includes a completely revised construction law in the German Civil Code (BGB) and the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has issued new leading case law e.g. on tax adviser’s and insurance professionals’ liability.

Last but not least Dr. Martin Alexander, LL.M. and Carsten Hösker, LL.M. take a look at the future of professional indemnity and at recent developments in this sector, above all on the ever expanding liability of lawyers as well as on the new law for damages for pain and suffering for survivors. 


You will find the article by Dr. Martin Alexander, LL.M. and Carsten Hösker, LL.M. in the volume "The Professional Negligence Law Review" here >>