Informed Insurance 2019/20: Legalign Global™ launches trend report at international workshop

Last week, London’s Legalign Global™ meeting emphasised very much on international insurance issues: In four seminars BLD lawyers Dr. Alexander Beyer, Carsten Hösker, LL.M., Bastian Finkel, Dr. Martin Alexander, LL.M. discussed with international panellists their views and findings on the four key topics “Brexit”, “Class Actions Around the World”, “The Insurability of Fines and Penalties” and “Automated Vehicles”. 


These four thought-provoking seminars marked the launch of the new three part report “Informed Insurance – Thought Leadership 2019/20”, which is a further development of the former report “Insurance Market Conditions and Trends”. The first instalment of the annual three part report with a preface by Bastian Finkel informs on insurance thought leadership across the globe.


You may download the pdf-file here (link >>)