Property Insurance


Our firm has always been closely connected to the property insurance industry. Due to this connection, we offer our clients sound, thorough, hands-on claims advice, which includes both general and industry-specific document drafting as well as litigation and dispute resolution services. BLD property insurance law practitioners also possess the substantial technical background in insurance, construction, engineering practices and industrial risks necessary to afford our clientele individualized legal services specific to their needs. 


Our firm represents a large number of German-based insurers as well as many British and global players who have established business in Germany over the past few decades. Our contentious and non-contentious legal services cover insurance and re-insurance matters in all areas property and multi-line insurers write business in, such as:


  • building insurance (e.g. fire, water damage/burst pipe(s), burglary, extended and all-risk policies)
  • business interruption, contingent and consequential loss insurance (industrial risks as well as SMEs)
  • energy and engineering lines (e.g. offshore property, construction, equipment breakdown)
  • specialty insurance (e.g. cash-in-transit, fine art, bloodstock and livestock, outbreak and epidemic insurance)
  • surety and trade credit insurance
  • subrogation issues
  • data protection
  • e-commerce
  • fraud prevention and intelligence
  • consumer law.



Commitment To Excellence

Our operational set-up allows us to defend insurance claims in all German forums, from the arbitration to litigation. But it is not only our operational setup that proves our commitment to excellence. Our renowned and dedicated team includes legal experts whose expertise ranges from dealing with small claims losses up to complex major losses, from consumer to industrial policies, from coverage work to subrogation action, competently advising our clients at every stage of developing claims and products. We offer volume services as well as commercially sensitive advice for high-stake litigation, always thinking outside the box.


Generally speaking, we handle all legal, commercial and regulatory issues the property industry faces offering a full service for insurers. Our expertise includes all operational and regulatory issues insurers face with losses and insurance products on the German and European market, as well as with losses and insurance programs abroad where German law governs given policies or agreements. Through our decades-long legal experience, our clients prosper from our individualized handling of all specialties of insurance law around tangible property issues by always focusing on the evolving needs of our insurer clients.


Extensive product development, dispute resolution and litigation work for the insurance and the reinsurance industry gives us the ability to both broadly and narrowly approach matters related to the industry. It allows us to offer genuine access to product design and claims management

Work Highlights

Some of our better-known work:


  • successfully defending the primary layer of marine insurers against a 517m EUR cash-in-transit loss after the fraudulent insolvency of Germany’s most prominent cash transit firm
  • resolving insurer’s liability for insured’s negligence when causing a major fire loss at an international airport building during welding work
  • providing support for major fire and flood losses to industrial buildings covered by multiple layers of insurance and re-insurance for German and non-German insurers who were covering Germany-based industry customers in Germany and other European and Asian countries
  • advising the German government with their milestone project of modernising the German Insurance Contract Act in 2008
  • providing support for the changes necessary for evaluating a constructors’ claims against insurers for errors that delayed the start-up of on-shore generating plants
  • handling losses incurred to a North African solar plant and off-shore wind farms claims 
  • acting as German counsel with team of other European lawyers for insurers introducing insurance for mobile devices on an all-EU basis.



For details of our various specialty services within the property practice group, please see:



Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our litigating people handle property claims in all areas of consumer, commercial and industrial insurance. >>


In our firm we also have specialized property lawyers that pool together litigation services with legal advice for your insurance products and non-contentious issues. >>


If a coverage claim is subject to German law, claims for redress are by law assigned to the insurer once indemnification is paid. >>

Fraud Intelligence

The BLD Fraud Intelligence Centre was founded in April 2009. We consider the panel necessary. >>

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Theodor-Heuss-Ring 13-15
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Tel  +49 221 944027-911
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