Our firm has a long standing relationship with all the major reinsurance companies around the world. Our experience concentrates on contractual and regulatory matters and we monitor the claims handling in matters with a significant exposure. As long as domestic cedants are our clients we are able to mitigate and mediate conflicts between the insurance and reinsurance community. Furthermore we advise and assist reinsurance, retrocessionaires and cedants in policy drafting and we represent them in contentious domestic and international disputes.



We are members of ARIAS Europe e.V. We contribute to the internet-based reinsurance guide “Reword” of Reynolds Porter Chamberlain in the UK. We contribute to reinsurance publications and speak on seminars on all topics of reinsurance on a regular basis.


Work Highlights

Our instructions have involved WTC arbitration, ICRA disputes, cut-throughs, negotiating collaterals and ART concepts.



In life insurance we have addressed the insolvency-proof nature of reinsurance deposits, the consequences of providing an additional reserve for interest, the assumption of the primary insurer’s capital market risks by the reinsurer and their design. We are involved in designing new life insurance products as regards capital formation and risk products and we equally support reinsurers and primary insurers.


We also work on cross-border reinsurance programmes and support reinsurers with the implementation of legal questions in the areas of insurance supervision law, especially regarding the implementation of Solvency II, data protection law, and compliance.


We conduct arbitration proceedings and proper legal proceedings on behalf of reinsurers. In this context we were, for example, involved in the lawsuit regarding the validity of offset clauses in reinsurance contracts, which led to the Federal Court of Justice’s judgment published in VersR 2011, 1315.