Our range of services is defined by our clients’ needs. Bearing in mind the efficiency of our work we always focus on quality. To achieve this we structure our work flow clearly and easily not only in order to avoid mistakes but also to offer our clients affordable solutions. We practice a four eyes principle with regard to the cases and we train our lawyers and cooperation partners regularly and extensively.

Along with the full spectrum of legal core services we also provide the following services:


  • automatic paperless communication with insurance companies by means of electronic and secured platforms (GDV network)
  • encrypted e-mail-communication (PGP, S/MIME and TLS) to comply with data protection
  • protected data rooms and online access to our electronic files
  • extensive transfer of knowledge via our BLD newsletter, access to BLD databases with unpublished decisions and research support
  • regular BLD meetings that include speeches on the latest developments in case law, legal solutions and other important current issues
  • individual in-house trainings to further train our clients, regularly discussing new claims, concluded proceedings and the development of case law
  • making contact with other specialists such as experts and private investigators (network of specialists)
  • controlling reports





Legal Representation

Our legal representation that we provide for claims departments is aimed at reducing claims expenditures and handling expenses. To this end, we avail ourselves of our nationwide network of BLD law firms and of our international partners. We also conduct litigation in the liability area across Germany to defend against unjustified claims.


We take care of all kinds of problems related to regulatory law, of the correspondence with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), of transactions, portfolio transfers and supervisory requirements in connection with premium calculation, asset management and cross-border business. This also includes legally effective product development for an enhanced market appearance, wherein successful strategies should be secure under competitive law,
as well. Tailored compliance structures will minimize the risk of entrepreneurial business dealings; all this requires competent legal consulting, which you can find at BLD.

Centres of Excellence

Areas, such as personal injury claims and fraud resolution make it particularly necessary to combine interdivisional and interdepartmental competence. 
Our personal injury centre and fraud resolution centre meet these requirements and help our clients come up with solutions for these highly complex subject areas.

International Desk

Through our international network we offer our clients access to specialized insurance and liability lawyers. >>


Here you can see the countries that we cover.