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Name Status / Function Location
Dr. Udo Abel Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Dr. Julia Achtmann Lawyer Cologne
Carla Albers Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Martin Alexander, LL.M. Lawyer | Managing Partner Cologne
Christian Backes Lawyer Cologne
Thomas Bangen, LL.M. Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Artur Barański, LL.M. Lawyer Berlin
Wolfgang Bauer Lawyer Berlin
Martin Berglar, LL.M. Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Alexander Beyer Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Robert Binnewies Lawyer Karlsruhe
Tobias Bliersbach Lawyer Cologne
Jochen Boettge Lawyer | Partner Munich
Dr. Gabriele Bögl Lawyer | Counsel Munich
Dr. Jendrik Böhmer, LL.M. Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Dorothea Bokelmann Lawyer Karlsruhe
Angelo Bologna Lawyer Frankfurt
Dr. Tobias Britz Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Klaus Bröcher Lawyer | Counsel Cologne
Sibille Bucka Lawyer | Partner Munich
Bettina Budach Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Alexander Bulach Lawyer | Partner Munich
Dr. Rainer Büsken Lawyer | Of Counsel Cologne
Dr. Corinna Carl Lawyer Berlin
Rainer Clausen Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Reinhard Dallmayr Lawyer | Of Counsel Munich
Niels Danylak Lawyer Berlin
Friederike de Biasi Lawyer | Partner Munich
Lisa-Maria Deter Lawyer Frankfurt
Susanne Dickel Lawyer | Counsel Cologne
Christina Eckes Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Dr. Michael Ellerbeck Lawyer | Counsel Munich
Hannah Ellsässer Lawyer Munich
Dr. Wolfram Ellwanger Lawyer | Partner Frankfurt
Valentin Erler Cologne
Michael-A. Ernst Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Tamara Fabry Lawyer Cologne
Bastian Finkel Lawyer | Managing Partner Cologne
Alexandra Franzke Lawyer Cologne
Jan Holger Göbel Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Anna Goddon Lawyer Cologne
Raluca Grigore-Urban Lawyer Munich
Dr. Joachim Grote Lawyer | Managing Partner Cologne
Prof. Dr. Dirk-Carsten Günther Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Sabine Harazim, LL.M. (Auckland) Lawyer Cologne
Britta Heinemann-Kreisig Lawyer Cologne
Marcel Hohagen, LL.M. Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Heinz Otto Höher Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Dr. Florian Höld Lawyer │ Counsel Cologne
Carsten Hösker, LL.M. Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Stephan Hütt Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Dirk Hüwe Lawyer Cologne
Cathrin Jakobs Lawyer Cologne
Michael Jakobs, LL.M. oec. Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Ümit Kaplan Lawyer | Partner Berlin
Jennifer Karaismail Lawyer Cologne
Lilian Kastenholz Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Alexandra Kelker Lawyer | Counsel Cologne
Kim Katharina Kierdorf Lawyer Cologne
Frederik Kleinherne Lawyer Cologne
Dominique von Kölln Lawyer | Counsel Cologne
Dr. Franz König, LL.M. Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Kirsten Konrad Lawyer Cologne
Jan Kordes, LL.M. Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Lutz Köther, LL.M. Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Ellery Kovanda Lawyer Frankfurt
Joachim Krane Laywer | Partner Munich
Sabine Krapf Lawyer Cologne
Florian Krapoth Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Christoph Krischer Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Oliver Kröger Lawyer | Partner Berlin
Dr. Simon Kubiak Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Dr. Gerhard Küppersbusch Lawyer | Of Counsel Munich
Bettina Kurth Lawyer Berlin
Julika Kuß Lawyer Cologne
Katja Labusga, LL.M. Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Theo Langheid Lawyer until June 2020 Cologne
Ulrich Lattermann Lawyer | Partner Munich
Sven Lehmann Lawyer | Partner Munich
Anja Lippeck Lawyer | Counsel Berlin
Dr. Martin Lomb, LL.M. Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Michael Marx, LL.M. (Kapstadt) Lawyer | Counsel Frankfurt
Tobias Matz Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Dr. Hüsniye Mebert Lawyer Frankfurt
Dr. Tobias Mergner Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Ansgar Mertens Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Anne Middel Lawyer Cologne
Thomas Mittendorf Lawyer | Partner Munich
Jennifer Moll Lawyer Munich
Karsten Mühlhausen Lawyer | Counsel Cologne
Christoph Müller-Frank Lawyer & Partner until 2018 Cologne
Dr. Jens Muschner Lawyer | Partner Berlin
Anett Niebel Lawyer Cologne
Laura Noll Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Andrea Nowak-Over Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Sandra Ochmann Lawyer Cologne
Anna Orlowski Lawyer Cologne
Christiane Osterspey Lawyer Cologne
Anna Theresa Patze Lawyer Cologne
Michael Potthast Lawyer Cologne
Anna Kristina Pruß Lawyer Cologne
Michael Rauscher Lawyer | Counsel Munich
Anne Karen Reinhardt Lawyer | Counsel Cologne
Sabine Rigl Lawyer Munich
Ulrich Ruchatz, LL.M. oec. Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Davor Sadric Lawyer Munich
Alexander Scalidis Lawyer Frankfurt
Dr. Martin Schaaf Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Holger Schacht Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Karin Schäffer Lawyer | Counsel Munich
Thomas Schmidt Lawyer Frankfurt
Irina Schmitz-Elvenich Lawyer Cologne
Marie-Thérèse Schoenfeldt, LL.M. Lawyer Frankfurt
Julia Schön Lawyer Munich
Eva Schönherr Lawyer Cologne
Judith Schöningh, LL.M. Lawyer Cologne
Stefan Schriever Lawyer | Counsel Munich
Friederike Schulze-Muth Lawyer | Counsel Munich
Thomas Schwarz Lawyer Cologne
Bernd Schwarze Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Armin Seiler Lawyer Munich
Björn Seitz Lawyer | Managing Partner Cologne
Dr. Stefan Spielmann Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Dr. Max Staudacher, LL.M. Lawyer Cologne
Evelyn Steinigen Lawyer Cologne
Runa Stopp Lawyer | Counsel Berlin
Matthias Stößer, LL.M. (Auckland) Lawyer Cologne
Matthias Stutzinger Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Thorsten Süß Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Oliver Tammer Lawyer | Partner Frankfurt
Dr. Sven-Markus Thiel Lawyer | Counsel Cologne
Cornelius Maria Thora Lawyer | Partner Karlsruhe
Cornelius Maria Thora Lawyer | Partner Frankfurt
Christian Tomson, MBL Lawyer | Partner Cologne
Fabian Triesch Lawyer Cologne
Dr. Jürgen Veith Lawyer | Counsel until 2021 Munich
Dr. Alexander Wahlers Lawyer Cologne
Yvonne Waszick Lawyer Cologne
Tim Werner Lawyer Cologne
Andrea Wieland Lawyer Cologne
Sabine Winkens Lawyer | Counsel Cologne
Julia Wintersberger Lawyer Munich
Nicolai Wojciechowski, LL.M. Lawyer Cologne
Stefan Worbs Lawyer Cologne
Clara Zöll Lawyer Cologne